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Aquashield 3

SPECIALITY Aquashield 3 Aquashield 3 assists in removing existing scale from pool walls particularly ceramic aggregate finsihes. It also creates superb clarity in the water by ensuring calcium remains in solution and will keep build up on salt chlorinators soft. Pools...

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SPECIALITY Wipeout Focus Wipeout Multi Action Stain Remover is used for removing rust stains or calcium deposits from pool surfaces.

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Photox Phosphate Remover

SPECIALITY Photox Phosphate Remover Focus Photox Phosphate Remover is used for the elimination of phosphate from swimming pool water. Phosphates in pool water are a food source for algae and will assist in its reproduction.

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SPECIALITY Sequest Sequest is used for lowering excessive calcium levels from swimming pool water. This is obviously a great water saving product as it reduces the need to dump water from pools that suffer an excess of calcium carbonate

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