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Cal Plus

BALANCER Cal Plus The use of Cal Plus prevents the etching of concrete surfaces, wrinkling of liners, breakdown of fibreglass and prevents equipment corrosion.

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pH Buffer

BALANCER pH Buffer pH Buffer is used to raise the Total Alkalinity of swimming pool water to prevent pH bounce, corrosion and staining.

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pH Increaser

BALANCER pH Increaser pH Increaser assist in maintaining correct pH in pools prevents wrinkling of liners, etching of surfaces and eye irritation.

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Protec Chlorine Stabiliser

BALANCER Protec Chlorine Stabiliser Focus Protec Chlorine Stabiliser is used for preventing the loss of chlorine to UV rays from sunlight. Focus Products stabiliser is instantly soluble and is able to be skimmer fed.

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Dry Acid

BALANCER Dry Acid Dry Acid is used for the reduction of Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools and spas.

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BALANCER Phix Phix is a compressed tablet form sodium bisulphate and added clarifiers that works by simply adding it directly into the skimmer of your pool. No more nasty fumes or possible spills to deal with which makes Phix a fantastic solution for balancing the pH...

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