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ALGAECIDE Hydroclear Focus Hydroclear Algae Treatment is effective against black algae green & brown varieties and can be used as a winteriser in the non-swimming months.

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Granular Blackspot

ALGAECIDE Granular Blackspot A granular Blackspot treatment designed to clear up even the worst case of blackspot from the surface of white plaster, tiled and pebblecrete pools. Easy to use and incredibly strong the granules are directly sprinkled onto the affected...

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Algicide Concentrate

ALGAECIDE Algicide Concentrate This is a specialised complex formulation developed for the destruction and control of algae in all types of swimming pools.

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Powercide 4

ALGAECIDE Powercide 4 Focus Powercide4 4 in 1 Algae Treatment is a multi-tasking product that can be used for the removal of blackspot algae in swimming pools, the clean up of green algae, the clean up of mustard algae, prevention of blackspot, prevention of green...

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