ABGAL Pooltex Inground Pool Cover

The ABGAL Pooltex Cover is designed for complete pool protection. This strong, woven, green and black mesh allows fresh rain water through but keeps leaves, debris and blossom out. The mesh provides 80% shade to the pool thereby reducing your chemical consumption and water evaporation

Custom made for the perfect fit, the Pooltex Cover complements any pool setting, and can be fitted to all types of pool surrounds.

The low profile, individual rope tie-down fittings, attach to the pool coping approximately 1 m apart. These fittings remain with the cover when its removed so there is nothing left protruding on the pool surround. The unique anchoring system, welded seams and rope-reinforced hem, makes the cover an easy way of protecting your pool all year.

The Pooltex Cover will save you time and energy by stopping leaves rotting on the pool floor. Debris can be broomed or hosed off before the cover is removed. It even stops ducks, frogs or toads from entering the pool. Plus it is extremely lightweight and simple to use. The cover is easily fitted by one person and folds away in its own storage bag.