ABGAL Hydrotools Reels

Used with the four styles of Solar Pool Covers, the storage reels are quick and easy to use. Each reel is supplied with an over-cover to protect the blanket when stored. The reels are freestanding and lightweight so they can be easily moved when not in use. Storage reels allow one person to quickly and easily fit or remove the cover.

Other features & benefits are:

  • Telescopic Tube – fully adjustable to fit all brands of above ground pool.
  • Lightweight – but rugged construction allows the reel to bemoved by one person.
  • Rolls easily – designed to be placed at the widest point of the pool so that the blanket will roll evenly onto the tube eliminating folding.
  • Portable – the socket mount can be completely removed from the pool when you are ready to swim. Or the rail rider bracket can be fastened so only the reel is removed.
  • Over-Cover – a heavy duty white protective cover is supplied.