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A normal swimming season with summer sun and favourable condition is generally five to six months in duration at best.

Considering the considerable investment a pool represents in a family lifestyle, being able to increase that season will obviously be an attractive proposition

With a wide range of heating services available today, it is now possible to extend the swimming season considerably, adding extra months of comfortable bathing, whilst enhancing the benefit and value of pool ownership.

There are heating solutions for every budget, some extending the season by months, and others that provide all year round swimming.

The following information will provide pool owners with comparisons between the various heating services so that they might consider which service best suits their individual need.

Solar Blankets

Wind over a pool surface provides the greatest amount of heat loss by drawing absorbed heat back into the atmospheres.

Natural heating occurs as ultra violet rays penetrate the pool surface transferring that radiant heat into the water. The heat is then negated by wind, ambient air temperature or shading of the pool surface.

Covering the pool surface with a solar blanket allows this free and available energy to penetrate the blanket surface, adding heat, which is then prevented from escaping back into the atmosphere.

Manufactured from UV stabilised materials incorporating thousands of small bubbles, moulded into the under-surface, a solar blanket effectively adds up to 9 degrees C of temperature, cost effectively, and without reliance on water circulation.

It is supplied in a rectangular shape large enough to overlay the pool surface, and is then cut to fit the water profile of the pool.

A solar roller can also be supplied, allowing for easy removal and storage convenience.

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Aquatight Titanium Heat Pumps

World-class Performance - With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of greater than 6.2 at an air temperature of 26º C and over 4.5 at just 15º C, Aquatight Titanium Heat Pumps are 15-30% more efficient than competitive units. This remarkable efficiency can save up to 80% on running costs compared to alternative gas or electric pool heating.

Quality, Reliability and Durability - Aquatight Titanium Heat pumps are manufactured using only top-quality Japanese and European components. The Titanium Heat Exchanger is not only super efficient, it can never rust or corrode. Aquatight Heat Pumps also feature more accurate and durable commercial-grade digital controllers, special water flow switches and high-capacity compressor capacitors.

Whisper-quiet Operation - You and your neighbours will be happy that when an Aquatight Titanium Heat Pump is operating it generates as little as 48 decibels. How quiet is that?

Heat and Cool - Aquatight heat pumps not only heat your pool, they can cool it with equal efficiency.

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