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Pool & Spa Covers

ABGALABGAL pool and spa blankets and covers are the product of choice for Pool Mart Centres. Manufactured in Queensland from quality materials and fabrics, they’re designed to reduce maintenance whilst preventing water loss through evaporation.

ABGAL covers can also be used to reduce pool heating costs by preventing unnecessary heat loss into the atmosphere.

ABGAL Pooltex Inground Pool Cover

The ABGAL Pooltex Cover is designed for complete pool protection. This strong, woven, green and black mesh allows fresh rain water through but keeps leaves, debris and blossom out. The mesh provides 80% shade to the pool thereby reducing your chemical consumption and water evaporation

Custom made for the perfect fit, the Pooltex Cover complements any pool setting, and can be fitted to all types of pool surrounds.

The low profile, individual rope tie-down fittings, attach to the pool coping approximately 1 m apart. These fittings remain with the cover when its removed so there is nothing left protruding on the pool surround. The unique anchoring system, welded seams and rope-reinforced hem, makes the cover an easy way of protecting your pool all year.

The Pooltex Cover will save you time and energy by stopping leaves rotting on the pool floor. Debris can be broomed or hosed off before the cover is removed. It even stops ducks, frogs or toads from entering the pool. Plus it is extremely lightweight and simple to use. The cover is easily fitted by one person and folds away in its own storage bag.

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ABGAL Solar Blankets

Solar Blankets are made from a film containing thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat in your pool. An ABGAL Solar Pool Blanket floats on top of the water and allows the solar energy to pass through, then traps and retains the heat in the pool.

Swim sooner and longer – enjoy your pool for an extra few months a year. ABGAL’s Solar Blanket will increase pool water temperature by up to 8 °C and will reduce heating costs by up to 50%. Pool water stays warmer longer, therefore extending your swimming season.

Most heat loss in a pool is caused by evaporation. An average metropolitan pool can lose up to 1.5 metres per year. A solar blanket will trap the heat and reduce evaporation by around 90% plus save you up to 50% on chemical consumption.

ABGAL have three styles to choose from:

  • Solarcover: A 250 micron thick translucent, blue bubble pool blanket that is lightweight, economical and comes with a 3 year pro rata warranty. Ideal for both above and inground pools. Solarcover is made for Australia’s tough conditions and can be conveniently stored on a HydroTools Solar Reel.

  • Oasis Solar: A 400 micron thick, heavy-duty, bubble blanket that has extra UV stabiliser and is toughened to last longer in Australia’s harsh conditions. Ideal for domestic and commercial pools, it comes with a 5 year pro rata warranty. All seams are heat-welded for maximum strength and can be conveniently stored on a HydroTools Solar Reel.

  • Silverback 500: A heavy duty, 500 micron thick, UV stabilised blanket. The silver backing on the bubble side comes with a pro rata 8 year warranty. Ideal for commercial pools, Silverback is joined with a 25mm heat weld and can be reinforce hemmed for extra long life.

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ABGAL Hydrotools Reels

Used with the four styles of Solar Pool Covers, the storage reels are quick and easy to use. Each reel is supplied with an over-cover to protect the blanket when stored. The reels are freestanding and lightweight so they can be easily moved when not in use. Storage reels allow one person to quickly and easily fit or remove the cover.

Other features & benefits are:

  • Telescopic Tube - fully adjustable to fit all brands of above ground pool.

  • Lightweight - but rugged construction allows the reel to bemoved by one person.

  • Rolls easily – designed to be placed at the widest point of the pool so that the blanket will roll evenly onto the tube eliminating folding.

  • Portable – the socket mount can be completely removed from the pool when you are ready to swim. Or the rail rider bracket can be fastened so only the reel is removed.

  • Over-Cover – a heavy duty white protective cover is supplied.

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ABGAL Thermal Pool Covers
ABGAL Thermal Pool Covers

A thermal pool cover is an ideal choice for heated pools. Recognised as the most effective type of cover for pool insulation, it acts like a doona for your pool. Once your pool is warm, Heatshield will help retain that temperature, stopping a whopping 75% of heat loss. It will also stop around 95% of evaporation, reduce chemical consumption by half, and if your pool heater is electric, will reduce your power bill substantially.

Manufactured using a 3mm thick, double reinforced, multi-layered construction, the water proof, closed-cell polyethylene foam gives the blanket its superior thermal resistance qualities. The impermeable base layer gives it its chemical resistance.

Heatshield is SmartWaterMark Approved, and (for domestic purposes) has a 5 year pro-rata warranty against UV degradation and 12 months against delamination.

Benefits Include:

  • Cut heat loss by 75%.
  • Reducing total heating (solar, electric, gas, etc) costs by 35%.
  • Cut evaporation by 95% reducing your chemical consumption by up to 50%.
  • Eliminates most corrosive condensation that forms with indoor pools.
  • Better insulating properties than a bubble blanket.
  • Ideal for indoor heated pools.

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