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Focus Chemicals

The Focus range of chemicals covers all aspects of pool and spa water care. There are adjusters to maintain water balance, a wide selection of sanitisers, specialty chemicals to put sparkle and polish to pool water and a comprehensive range of algaecides to treat any algae problem.

The Focus range is constantly under review, with the latest technologies being adapted to broaden the selection and scope of each product to give positive results, always.

Each product meets the highest standard of quality, is attractively presented and backed by Focus Products Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of pool chemicals.

Pool Mart Centres are water treatment specialists. We use only the best chemical products available and support them with 40 years of knowledge and chemical expertise.


Focus - Pool Tablets
Pool Tablets

Pool Tablets are used for the sanitation of pool water through either a floater or automatic feeder. They release a controlled flow of chlorine allowing chlorine levels to be easily monitored. Focus Pool Tablets will not cloud the pool water and the added stabiliser ensures that the chlorine residual remains in the water and is not removed by UV rays. more info

Focus - >Low Residue Granular
Low Residue Granular

Low Residue 70% is a granular chlorine used for the sanitation of a pool on a daily basis. Use of this product will assist in maintaining calcium levels in pool water. more info

Focus - Liquid Pool Chlorine
Liquid Pool Chlorine

Liquid Pool Chlorine or sodium Hypochlorite is used for sanitising pool water on a daily basis. As Sodium Hypochlorite is produced from salt this makes it compatible with salt chlorination. more info

Focus - Stabilised Chlorine
Stabilised Chlorine

This is used for sanitising or shock dosing swimming pools. It is compatible with all sanitation systems including ionisers and salt pools. Focus stabilised chlorine is instantly soluble and leaves no residue in the pool therefore ensuring crystal clear water. more info

Focus - Stabilised Pool Sticks
Stabilised Pool Sticks

Pool Sticks are used for the sanitation of pool water through either skimmer feed, floater or automatic feeder. They release a controlled flow of chlorine allowing chlorine levels to be easily monitored. Focus Pool sticks will not cloud the pool water and the added stabiliser ensures that the chlorine residual remains in the water and is not removed by UV rays. more info

Focus - Multi-Tab Floater
Multi-Tab Floater

Focus Multi-Tab Floaters are used for the weekly sanitation of swimming pool water and contain an algistat to assist in the prevention of algae formation and built in clarifiers to ensure the pool water is kept sparkling clear. more info

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Focus - Powercide 4
Powercide 4

Focus Powercide4 4 in 1 Algae Treatment is a multi-tasking product that can be used for the removal of blackspot algae in swimming pools, the clean up of green algae, the clean up of mustard algae, prevention of blackspot, prevention of green algae and winterising. more info

Focus - Algicide Concentrate
Algicide Concentrate

This is a specialised complex formulation developed for the destruction and control of algae in all types of swimming pools. more info

Focus - Granular Blackspot
Granular Blackspot

A granular Blackspot treatment designed to clear up even the worst case of blackspot from the surface of white plaster, tiled and pebblecrete pools. Easy to use and incredibly strong the granules are directly sprinkled onto the affected area, not only killing the Blackspot you can see but killing the root deep down in the wall to help prevent a recurrence. more info

Focus - Hydroclear

Focus Hydroclear Algae Treatment is effective against black algae green & brown varieties and can be used as a winteriser in the non-swimming months. more info

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Focus - Quick Floc
Quick Floc

Focus Quick floc is a concentrated formula that is used for binding together small particulate for removal by the filter media, It works by dropping debris to the bottom of the pool floor for vacuuming to waste. more info

Focus - Water Polish Plus
Water Polish Plus

Waterpolish Plus is a concentrated formula used to combine small particulate together for collection by the filter media restoring sparkle. more info

Focus - Pool Sparklers
Pool Sparklers

This is an amazing cube that ensures crystal clear sparkling water by collecting all the tiny debris in the pool and combining it into particles big enough to collect by the filter. more info

Focus - Pool Floc
Pool Floc

Pool Floc assists clarity by dropping unfilterable matter to the bottom of the pool floor for vacuming to waste. more info

Focus - Ultrasheen

Focus Ultrasheen is a rapid response clarifier which is super concentrated to restore clarity to the cloudiest swimming pool water. Ultrasheen comes in consumer friendly “one off” packaging. more info

Focus - Bling

Bling clarifying tablets assist in the clarification of pool water through binding organic and inorganic wastes together. Bling clarifying tablets are a rapidly dissolving, single dose polymetric clarifier that can be placed directly into the skimmer basket. more info

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Focus - Cal Plus
Cal Plus

The use of Cal Plus prevents the etching of concrete surfaces, wrinkling of liners, breakdown of fibreglass and prevents equipment corrosion. more info

Focus - pH Buffer
pH Buffer

pH Buffer is used to raise the Total Alkalinity of swimming pool water to prevent pH bounce, corrosion and staining. more info

Focus - pH Increaser
pH Increaser

pH Increaser assist in maintaining correct pH in pools prevents wrinkling of liners, etching of surfaces and eye irritation. more info

Focus - Protec Chlorine Stabiliser
Protec Chlorine Stabiliser

Focus Protec Chlorine Stabiliser is used for preventing the loss of chlorine to UV rays from sunlight. Focus Products stabiliser is instantly soluble and is able to be skimmer fed. more info

Focus - Dry Acid
Dry Acid

Dry Acid is used for the reduction of Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools and spas. more info

Focus - Hydrochloric Acid
Hydrochloric Acid

A liqiud used to reduce Total Alkalinity and pH in swimming pools and spas. more info

Focus - Phix

Phix is a compressed tablet form sodium bisulphate and added clarifiers that works by simply adding it directly into the skimmer of your pool. No more nasty fumes or possible spills to deal with which makes Phix a fantastic solution for balancing the pH of your pool. more info

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Focus - Tile and Vinyl Cleaner
Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

Focus Tile and Vinyl cleaner is perfect for cleaning scum lines and grime build up from swimming pools and spas. It does not contain phosphate so will not encourage algae growth. more info

Focus - Filter Cleaner and Degreaser
Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

Removes oils, scum and dirt build up allowing greater filtration and thereby providing cleaner water. Increases life of filtration equipment by eliminating pressure build up. more info

Focus - Saf-T-Cell

Saf-T-Cel is a unique effervescent cell cleaner that works faster the heavier the deposits on the cell . Focus Saf-T-Cell is perfect for all cells including self-cleaning ones, which still need to be done from time to time. Saf-T-Cell has been carefully formulated to provide the right amount of strength whilst still protecting your cell, unlike Hydrochloric Acid solution that can be damaging. more info

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Focus - Shock'N'Clear

Shock and Clear is used to remove swimmer wastes and destroy any organic contaminents in the water. Regular oxidation will keep the pool crystal clear.Shock and Clear is designed for fresh and salt water pools and is a blend of Stabilised chlorine and selected clarifiers which is applied through the skimmer box. more info

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Focus - Sequest

Sequest is used for lowering excessive calcium levels from swimming pool water. This is obviously a great water saving product as it reduces the need to dump water from pools that suffer an excess of calcium carbonate. more info

Focus - Photox Phosphate Remover
Photox Phosphate Remover

Focus Photox Phosphate Remover is used for the elimination of phosphate from swimming pool water. Phosphates in pool water are a food source for algae and will assist in its reproduction. more info

Focus - Wipeout

Focus Wipeout Multi Action Stain Remover is used for removing rust stains or calcium deposits from pool surfaces. more info

Focus - Aquashield 3
Aquashield 3

Aquashield 3 assists in removing existing scale from pool walls particularly ceramic aggregate finsihes. It also creates superb clarity in the water by ensuring calcium remains in solution and will keep build up on salt chlorinators soft. Pools using bore or dam water should use Aquashield 3 to ensure that metals remain in solution and don’t stain the surface. more info

OTHER SPECIALTY CHEMICALS – The Focus chemical range is extensive, covering all aspect of water balance and treatment speciality. The range is under constant review to ensure it is relative to the chemical and treatment demands of today’s modern pool.