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Pool Mart Centres maintains a strong market presence through The Local Bulletin, the western suburbs premium monthly news media. With full colour production and interesting articles provided by local identities, the Bulletin is a must read by every local consumer. Our articles provide an interesting insight into the changing dynamic of pool maintenance throughout the year, keeping customers well informed and up to date on pool product, chemical knowledge and service.

Pool Mart Centres - Bulletin Ads and Articles
  Article / Bulletin Name Description Date Produced Size (kb)
Click to download the article - August 2010 New Filter Media Arrives New NORIA FLO Crystalite Filter Media has arrived, plus information on heating your Pool & Spa during the winter months. August 2010 (1,179 Kb)

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Click to download the article - July 2010 Music For Cruizin.... We have introduced a catalogue of dual CD’s of popular music which we feel will be a very suitable inclusion to our product range. The exclusive Music for Cruizin’ catalogue is gracing the shelves of Pool Mart stores today. They feature music favourites we can all associate with, but compiled in such a way as to give hours of continuous pleasure, driving, boating, pool side, in the home, in fact anywhere good music can be appreciated. July 2010 (1,100 Kb)

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Click to download the article - June 2010 Swim All Year Long? Given the choice, it would be hard to imagine anyone wanting to swim in cold water if they had a warm water alternative. With winter now upon us, temperatures will be low enough to freeze the proverbial... off a brass monkey... if you know what I mean! June 2010 (820 Kb)
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Click to download the article - Feb 2010 What Happend To Summer? Well, the summer holidays are well past now and we’re heading downhill towards autumn at a great rate of knots. Who would believe that the best part of the year could be spent waiting for, and then saying goodbye to the 12 weeks of summer out of the 52 we have available to us. Those 12 weeks of summer can be full on if the weather is hot with lots of storm activity or very average if there’s rain with cooler temperatures such as we experienced in December and early January. Feb 2010 (1,085 Kb)
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Click to download the article - Jan 2010 "Seeing" The New Year In Here we are, celebrating 2010 with the expectation that the year that lies ahead will be better than the year we just said goodbye too. We’ll hang on our politicians vision of the future, and generally we’ll end up being just as confused as we were last January when the sky was about to fall in with dire consequences for the world as we knew it. After 12 months of contemplation, I’m not sure who’s right or who’s wrong in this debate. Jan 2010 (1,062 Kb)
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